Full-Stack Developer
Give me some coffee and I will show you the magic
Hi, I'm Nikita. Nice to meet you.
I have been in web development for more than 3 years. During this time I managed to work on freelance and in web agencies. I always take responsibility for my work and try to take everything on time. You will find more information about my abilities below.
Full-Stack Developer
I like to code things from scratch, and enjoy bringing ideas to life in the browser.
Languages I speak:
HTML, CSS, Sass, Less
JavaScript, TypeScript
PHP, SQL, Java, Python, Go
Technologies I'm familiar with:
NodeJS, Laravel
WordPress, October CMS
React, Angular, Webpack
Development tools:
PhpStorm, IntelliJ IDEA, PyCharm
GoLand, Github, Gitlab, Bitbucket
Codepen, Bootstrap
My Recent Work
Here are a few projects I've worked on recently. Want to see more? Email me.
My own web-agency
Visit website >
Hiiumaa Holiday Center
Visit website >
Compressor and nitrogen stations for rent
Visit website >
The Largest SPA and sauna centre in Estonia
Visit website >
Russian advertisement agency
Visit website >
Installation Center automotive equipment
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My Startup Projects
Each developer has his own idea for a startup, and I am no exception. Over the past few years, I tried to launch several startups, it was a good experience for me, despite the fact that so far all of them have failed, I'm not going to stop there.
The platform where you need to do a minimum of steps to place an order.
Shutdown in 2022
Designed star maps with a unique arrangement of stars in your chosen place and time.
Shutdown in 2020
Freelance exchange web-site working on Estonian market.
Shutdown in 2019
Open-Source project.
Block-based page constructor.
A library that could be added to your projects absolutely free of charge.
Interested in collaborating with me?
I'm always open to discussing product developing work or partnership opportunities.